SprayEz’s Spray Foam Insulation Products

SprayEZ is one of the leading suppliers and producers of spray foam insulation products, including polyurea, polyurethane and dispensing equipment. The foam insulation company specializes in spray insulation and waterproofing materials. We have various equipment, industrial coatings, supplies and accessories on offer. If you need materials and equipment for roofing, insulation, truck bed-liners, concrete coatings and more, SprayEZ offers high-quality products at some of the lowest prices on the market.

We also offer complete kits and rigs for contractors as well as DIY kits for smaller applications. The spray foam insulation cost is kept low because we make our foam products in house. SprayEZ’s offices are in Yulee, Fla. and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, enabling us to provide excellent on-site customer service and training. We also offer convenient and efficient shipping across the country.  Call us for more information or to place an order.

One of the main things our customers purchase from SprayEZ is spray foam. Spray foam insulation is a relatively new method to use when looking to insulate your home and it is quickly gaining popularity. It is a great alternative to traditional fiberglass insulation. Spray foam is a polymer that is produced by combining two ingredients using special equipment available at SprayEZ. As the name suggests, it can be easily sprayed into place. This is one of its advantages over some of the more traditional methods – with spray foam you can reach even the most inconvenient places. Spray foam is held in containers in  liquid state and when sprayed, the two chemicals react. After being sprayed, the liquid quickly expands, turns into insulating foam, and hardens in place. By expanding over 60 times its original size, the foam encompasses and fills every gap and hole, which is why it can provide such complete insulation and stop air leakage.

From Spray Foam Insulation to Spray in Truck Bedliners

SprayEZ offers a variety of products concerning spray insulation. We offer high quality polyurethanes and polyureas in DIY foam insulation kits for home and roof insulation. Spray foam insulation cost varies on how much foam you need. For contractors, we offer spray foam machines and spray rigs. This equipment can be used with any type of spray urethane foam and can be adjusted for higher heat and pressure. Again, spray foam insulation cost varies on the amount of product and the type of equipment you need. We also offer all the equipment and materials for the application of spray-in truck bed liners as well as EPS hard coats.

All in all, we offer everything you might need for a spray foam insulation project, from a large selection of spray foam guns, their parts and repair kits to foam insulation kits and equipment trailers with a hydraulic machine and divider. SprayEZ also specializes in offering ExpandoThane for roof coating and waterproofing, and RockHard bedliners kits and machines. With our wide range of supplies, you won’t have to look elsewhere to find your safety equipment, hoses or solvents. SprayEZ is your one stop to getting everything you need for foam insulation.

DIY Spray Foam Insulation

Properly insulating walls in your home is one of the best things you can do to improve energy efficiency. And today, spray foam insulation is considered the most effective type of insulation there is. Spray foam is a polymer that is made by mixing two ingredients at the end of a heated hose while spraying the liquid onto the surface you want insulated. The liquid then expands and becomes a type of foam that hardens. This method of foam insulation is extremely popular, since spray foam can remedy air leakages much better than many other methods out there. Because the method of application is spraying, and it enlarges up to 60 times, it can be easily used to fill cracks or large surface areas. The foam also sticks to the surface so it can be easily applied to both horizontal and vertical surfaces. It serves not only as insulation for heat, but also as a barrier for air leaking into a house or industrial building. Being synthetic, the foam does not attract any pests like rodents or insects. It has a relatively high R-value per inch (the amount of time it takes for heat to radiate through a material), and it is an especially good option when it comes to insulating homes in need of restoration – in situations where the more traditional method of batt or board may be difficult to pull off.

There are two types of spray insulation, one lighter and the other denser, known as open cell and closed cell foam, respectively. Being that it can save you a bundle in heating and cooling, foam insulation comes at a price. Many people try to lower spray foam insulation costs by making insulation a DIY project. This is where SprayEZ can come to your aid with ease. We offer a range of products that will enable you to cut the costs of insulation and do the work yourself. The spray foam insulation cost might be higher than other types of insulation, but the foam saves you money each month in reduced heating and air conditioning costs.

Where to Apply Spray Foam Insulation

One of the many benefits of spray foam insulation is that it can be applied to a variety of surfaces. Your first instinct may be that foam insulation would work great with the walls of your home, and it does, but many other areas can also be improved using this method. Spray insulation can also easily be used to insulate attics and roofs. This conserves a lot of heating energy since, as we know, heat always goes upwards and can leak through your attic or roof. With spray foam, which not only insulates but also prevents air flow, the amount of heat which escapes this way would be lessened, thereby lowering your energy consumption. This works especially well with low slope or flat roofing. Spray foam is also great for homes that are exposed to severe weather because it improves the strength and durability of the home, especially when it comes to wind uplift.


Using the foam insulation method, you can also insulate basements, crawlspaces, gaps and holes in your home or cantilevered floors. Since the foam applies in spray-form, and subsequently expands, it can easily be sprayed into even the smallest of gaps to fill them up completely.

The Benefits of Using Spray Foam Insulation

Using insulating spray foam has the obvious consequence of making your home more insulated. But, what are the actual benefits to having a well-insulated home? Here are some of the many benefits of using spray insulation.

·           Controlled Humidity

When your contractor applies or when you apply the spray foam, it will expand greatly and fill even the smallest crack. This means that it will enable you to have better humidity control in your home. If you have AC equipment, you will be able to choose and maintain whatever humidity level you want to have in your living space. This is a benefit which no other insulation method can offer. Since spray foam has such a high R-level, the warm humid air can’t meet cold air and produce moisture. This means that the humidity level can be whatever you wish it to be, regardless of external conditions. Closed cell foam also prevents any mold from occurring in your home because there are no cracks into which airborne moisture could enter and create a suitable environment for the production of mold. Ideally there should be no risk of having mold in your living space. This leads us to another benefit of spray foam insulation.

·           Better Air Quality

Mold that grows inside your walls releases harmful mycotoxins and spores which greatly decrease the air quality in your home. Spray insulation prevents mold and makes sure this never happens. It also provides an effective air barrier, so that no outdoor air pollutants or allergens can come into your living space. Pollen, dust and other particles are often a concern, especially in individuals who suffer from allergies or asthma. Foam insulation also removes the risk of another common factor in respiratory irritation – pests. Since it is not a food source for any insects or rodents, when using this method, you can be sure you will have no unwanted guests.

Another benefit of foam insulation over the more traditional fiberglass insulation method is that during high winds or other environmental factors, the particles in fiberglass insulation are dislodged and can travel through the air and infiltrate your living space. Spray foam won’t become dislodged from high winds.

·           Consistent Temperature Across The Home

If your home has a discrepancy in temperature, i.e. some rooms are hotter and some are colder, you will be excited to know that this problem is eliminated by using foam insulation. The reason for this is twofold. One, the foam is incredibly resistant to heat gain, which stops heat from penetrating through walls. This means that the rooms which have outer walls won’t be more susceptible to high or low temperatures piercing through. Two, the spray foam insulation creates a monolithic air barrier, which means that the temperature will be consistent in every room in your home.

·           No Drafts or Air Leakage

In whatever climate conditions you live in, a drafty home is always uncomfortable. Drafts are also the number one cause of high energy costs. Spray foam insulation remedies that. It completely encapsulates a home, making even the attic or basement impervious to external conditions.

·           Better Energy Efficiency

As we’ve mentioned before, spray foam has a higher R-value than other insulation methods. The R-value, simply speaking, is the amount of time it takes for external heat to break through a material. Spray foam’s high R-value enables it to keep heat out during the summer, and seal it in during colder weather. With no heat escaping through, you will need to spend less energy to keep your home at your desired temperature. It also seals any air gaps and prevents air leakage, which contributes to energy efficiency.

·           Cutting Costs

With improved energy efficiency, you will also see your energy bills go down. Although spray foam insulation cost can be high, the amount of savings you can achieve is incomparable. Before foam insulation you might have had to heat your living space for a whole day, only to have it cool and become uncomfortable during the night. With spray insulation, you will see that your home will be heated up significantly faster, and will take a much longer time to cool down.

·           Reducing Noise

Another important benefit of spray insulation is its capacity to significantly reduce noise. Spray foam has sound-absorbing properties which will help with both airborne and flanking noises. Airborne noises are noises produced when talking, listening to the television, radio, using a gaming console, etc. Spray foam seals and fills every crack which means that sound cannot easily travel and the transmission of airborne noises is greatly reduced.

On the other hand, flanking noises are sound which emanate from inside the walls of your home. These include plumbing noises and the like. Foam insulation seals the space around the source which creates a quieter space which isn’t constantly interrupted by toilets flushing and showers running.

·           Sturdier Structure

Spray foam insulation can also help achieve better structural integrity of a home. This especially goes for homes that are exposed to the elements such as high winds. By insulating the roof of a home with spray foam, the chance that that roof can be lifted by winds is significantly lowered. Roofs insulated with spray foam have a lifespan of over 30 years. Foam insulation also prevents water from seeping through weak spots such as seams. Spray foam has no weak spots since it is installed as one continuous barrier. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has also declared this type of insulation as very resistant to flood-related damage.

·           Longevity

The polymer that makes up spray foam insulation has an indefinite lifespan. Unlike other methods, when using spray insulation, you can be sure that your investment will pay off, since the insulation will last for years and it will take a long time, 20 years or more, before you have any need to re-insulate. Foam insulation is high-quality and has a unique ability to give you optimal performance over a long period of time.

·           Eco-friendliness

The final benefit of spray foam insulation is it lowers energy consumption and increases energy efficiency. It also protects against mold and has a long lifespan.

So How Much Money Will You Really Save?

Using spray foam to insulate your walls and home makes economic sense. The annual savings it provides greatly outweighs the spray foam insulation cost. Although installing foam insulation can cost around 100 percent more than some of the more traditional methods such as fiberglass, the cost can be lowered if you do the installation yourself. When compared to other insulation methods, it has been shown that foam insulation is the best method for saving some big bucks and making your home energy efficient. After using this type of insulation, you should see a payback in savings in as little as approximately three to four years. And here is why.

The American Chemistry Council estimated that the average home loses up to 40 percent of energy due to air leaks. Along with various gaps and holes which cause horrible drafts throughout the home, air leaks can make your energy bills higher than they could be. Why let all that energy go to waste?

Spray foam, by acting as both insulation and a sealant, closes gaps and keeps heat from going through. This technology cannot be compared to any of the older methods of insulation. Other methods cannot insulate your home as well as spray foam can. Per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Energy Star program, you can save up to 20 percent on your energy bills by simply adding insulation, and that number increases if you are talking about spray foam insulation. Your home’s HVAC system (heating, ventilating, air conditioning) affects your monthly bills and spray foam insulation can take some of that workload off your HVAC. It is calculated that with foam insulation, your HVAC size can be reduced by as much as 35 percent, while also adding to your comfort. Simply put, this means lower bills every month.

How Does Spray Foam Work?

Spray foam is produced by combining and reacting two chemicals and making a foam in the process. The chemicals instantly react and start expanding. The two chemicals are held in different containers, commonly referred to as Container A and B. After the two chemicals are mixed, the foam which is created expands and hardens very quickly. The chemical reaction is designed to produce the unique qualities of spray foam such as its water-tightness. It will adhere to almost any dry and clean surface. While expanding, it grows into every nook and cranny and provides excellent insulation.

Apart from providing insulation, spray foam also creates an impermeable barrier which keeps air and moisture from passing through, while also resisting heat transfer. When using foam insulation, you can create one continuous barrier, which is an advantage over more traditional methods where you have to seal the ends carefully. During the application of spray insulation, customized equipment is used and proper safety measures must be taken. That is why it is best to buy all your equipment and materials from the best in the business – SprayEZ. We sell only the best and most innovative products on the market. In our range of products, you will find various kits and materials designed to be used in industrial applications, as well as residential and commercial ones.

To ensure customer satisfaction, we only sell the best and most long-lasting products and materials. We are proud to offer our customers items which will be easy to use and which are made from extremely high-quality materials. Our products are centered on consistency and performance, and our materials are designed to meet or exceed uncompromising quality requirements. Whether you’re a DIY amateur or a contractor looking to get the best, our extensive database of products will suit every need.

So if you want to save some money and make your home more energy efficient and more comfortable, choose from SprayEZ’s impeccable range of products and rest assured that you got only the best at amazing prices.

Polyurea VS Urethane

When it comes to spray insulation, there are plenty of different foam options from which to choose. There are, however, two basic categories – polyurea and polyurethane– and the differences between them can be used as a starting point for determining the type that is best suited for a particular job. So what is the difference between them? Both polyurea and polyurethane are compounds used for making foam for insulation, but with some important differences in both application and general characteristics. Polyurethane is a hard and rigid material and has been used in various industries for quite some time. Polyurea, on the other hand, is a relatively new compound. The basic difference between them is the fact that the latter cures a lot faster than the former. Poluyrea can cure or gel within a few seconds after its component chemicals are mixed. Although this could result in damaging of materials that are sensitive to heat, slowing down the reaction is enough to prevent any unwanted side effects. Polyurethanes spread more readily as they take longer to cure.

Open Cell VS Closed Cell

Apart from the difference between polyurea and polyurethane, there is the categorization based on R-Values. Spray foams with lower values are called open-cell foams, those with higher values go by the name of closed-cell foams. Open-cell foam has spaces within the foam and the spaces are filled with air. With closed-cell foams gas bubbles get trapped while the chemicals are expanding and hardening. The trapped gases increased the durability and insulation capability of the foam. The closed off construction makes the foam liquid resistant.

The difference between these two types of insulation has a great significance when it comes to the question of which type you should choose for insulating a particular space. In short, while open-cell foam is a better choice for interior applications, you should definitely choose closed-cell if you are looking to insulate from the outside. Open-cell expands upon application, which means it is the ideal choice for places that are hard to reach, such as cavities in both walls and ceilings. Although it is capable of providing a good level of insulation, this type of foam has a lower level of heat and water resistance, which makes it unsuitable for outdoor surfaces. The latter, on the other hand, is a denser type of foam, which in turn makes it a lot more resistant to both heat and water. Closed-cell foam could also be used for in-home areas. It increases the structural integrity of a home. Open cell foam is a good sound insulator and the overall spray foam insulation cost is lower, because it has a greater yield.

Our Options

In order to meet the needs of all our customers, SprayEZ is a company that manufactures a wide range of urethane and polyurethane options for foam insulation. This means that we offer spray foams for both interior and exterior use, as well as products that are suited for specific purposes, such as better coverage and easier application. Regardless of your needs and preferences, however, all of them are made with the highest standards in mind. Apart from this, the two basic ingredients of the spray foam are combined on site. This ensures that their special formulas deliver the best possible results every single time. If you have any questions about which foam is right for your project, please give us call at 877-772-9629!

Spray Foam Insulation for Contractors

If you are a contractor in need of equipment for spray foam insulation, SprayEZ might be the ideal choice for you. The process of insulation takes skill, time and effort, as well as a lot of equipment and materials. This is why one of the biggest issues for contractors, especially those with large jobs, is finding suppliers. The process would be a lot less tiresome if you could simply order everything you needed from a single company, but that is often not the case. With SprayEZ, you can do exactly that, all the while resting assured that the supplies are of the highest quality. Our polyurethane spray foams and polyurea products provide a high level of coverage and protection for a wide range of surfaces. Each has its own characteristics, which makes it easier to find the one that is right for a particular job, regardless of whether your criteria are based on flexibility, tensile strength, resistance or any of the other important factors. To make it even better, a part of the available equipment is designed specifically for larger applications, which is ideal for use by contractors.

Apart from the basic spray equipment, our list of products includes everything from safety equipment to spare parts and solvents. Since it is a single company that provides you with everything you might need from the moment you start preparing for foam insulation to the moment when only finishing touches are required, it makes the process a whole lot easier for the contractor. Another reason why SprayEZ might be the right choice for you is the fact that we provide you with the options of buying in bulk and having your equipment and materials shipped, which is essential for those who are in search of supplies for larger jobs. The spray foam insulation cost is reduced by buying in bulk from a single company.

About SprayEZ 

When it comes to spray machines and spray equipment, SprayEZ is a company with an unparalleled offer. Since we strive to provide products for both individuals and contractors, we have many models available. For smaller jobs, there are spray guns which are easy to use and maintain. Some of the best examples include FastKick applicator and Graco Fusion AP spray gun. While the former is a product that can be used in combination with the Fast Cure Products series, the latter is a piece of equipment that can be used without additional tools. The applicator boasts an incredible curing time of two minutes and the spray gun is one of the best on the market, providing both easier maintenance and less downtime. With the right equipment, the overall spray foam insulation cost can be kept low, because you could be more efficient with the foam insulation products.

For larger jobs, we offer a wide range of spray machines, each of which serves a different purpose and is designed for use by professionals. These can be divided into two categories: Graco reactors and SFT machines. Some of the reactor models include Graco A-25 and Graco H-40. Both are plural-component spray foam proportioners of the highest quality, but they have their differences. While the former boasts temperature control that has been made more consistent to provide higher quality foam, the latter has been made capable of higher duty cycles and features reduced downtime. When it comes to SFT machines, some of the more popular models are SFT-2000 and SFT-4500. Both machines are plural-component high pressure proportioners that boast high functionality and reliability, but just like the reactor models, they have their differences. While the former can reach 2,000 PSI and 20 Lbs, the latter boasts even higher figures – 3,000 PSI and 45 Lbs. both are equipped with a Graco fusion gun and an overheat pressure switch, but they have different heaters, and while SFT-2000 only has LED read outs, SFT-4500 features a digital interface. These are only some of the examples of how versatile SprayEZ’s offer of machines and equipment really is, but that is not the only benefit of choosing it over its competition. Regardless of which machine you end up choosing, you will have the option of having it assembled at one of our many locations.

If what you have read so far sounds good, but you are still having trouble making the final decision, here is some more good news. Apart from providing a wide range of equipment and spray foam insulation materials, all of which are of the highest quality, the company is also making an effort to help contractors on an individual basis. To make SprayEZ an even better choice for the professional, we are offering free onsite training as well. This means that whichever machine you choose to buy, not only can you have it assembled right then and there, you can also get a free tutorial on how to properly use it. The training is, of course, led exclusively by those experienced in working with the equipment, and can be of great help to contractors looking to get ahead in their own business. Contact one of our professionals to get started today!


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