The RockHard Spray on Bedliner System offers the ultimate in materials and application equipment.

To be an applicator for RockHard Spray On Bedliners requires zero franchise fees. This will add up to profits for you and savings for your customers.

Rockhard Spray On Bedliners is not a fancy paint job for the truck bed. It is an in house manufactured, technically advanced system that provides a thick self adhering rubber vapor barrier to the floor and walls of your truck bed. Its process of plural heated components sprayed by very high pressure onto a properly prepared surface, gives your truck the utmost in protection. RockHard Spray-On Bedliner offers the strictest in bedliner quality requirements for both materials and equipment.


Your local RockHard Spray On Bedliner contractor is thoroughly trained on all phases of the application process. Spraying good over bad is one of the biggest factors that shorten the life of a spray on bedliner, so we focus on making sure the surface is thoroughly cleaned and prepared to allow the best adhesion possible. We guarantee that the bedliner will outlast the life of the truck. The best warranty in the world is the one that never has to be used. This is where pride of workmanship conquers all.

The RockHard Spray On BedLiner is a self- adhering polyurea that is manufactured on the truck bed itself. The remarkable VOC free plural component polyurea actually creates a thick blanket of protection. It seamlessly becomes a thick, three dimensional rust proof barrier that holds its shape for the life of the vehicle. The RockHard barrier, unlike the factory metal bed, will absorb the vibration of what you carry. The RockHard membrane stops the OEM metal bed from chipping. Due to it becoming a virtual part of the metal, nothing can get in between layers causing unseen rust like typical drop in bed liners do.