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Schulz high-temperature dryers are designed for high inlet (up to 194 °F) and room temperature (up to 113 °F) applications. Its innovative cooling system delivers high performance and energy savings for your company. The integrated digital controller and automatic drain ensure stable dew point during operation. Removable panels facilitate easy and quick access to internal components. Select the best option for your company.


Product Description

Schulz SMH High Temp Dryers eliminate the need for separate
aftercooler and moisture separators, conserving valuable floor
space. This also means less equipment to install and maintain. Plus,
it saves energy normally lost with an aftercooler.
With SMH High Temp Dryers it is no longer necessary to upsize
the dryer compensate for. High inlet temperature or high ambient
temperature conditions. Schulz SMH dryers are designed to accept
up to 194 F inlet air temperatures and operate in 113 F ambient
conditions. For proper sizing to required dew points, refer to the
Nominal CFM Rating performance table below.


• Built in aftercooler circuit with separate drain
• Lower pressure drops
• Energy efficient refrigeration compressors
• AII units run at less than 70 db(A) sound levels
• DMC electronic controllers operate each dryers
• Built-in aftercooler with separate auto drain
• Energy efficient refrigeration compressors
• AII units run at less than 70 dbA sound levels

Additional information

Weight 46 lbs


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