Is Cavity Wall Insulation Important?

If your home was built in the early 20th century, it was likely built with two exterior walls with an empty gap between them, known as a cavity wall. Between 1920 and 1980, this was a common practice. After 1980, it became standard practice to use insulation material inside the walls.
If you have an empty cavity wall, you may notice energy loss through the walls, or possibly a damp or chilly feeling that never seems to go away. Heat will travel through your wall and into the cavity, which means higher energy bills and more sweaters.

Why is Cavity Wall Insulation Important?

Cavity wall insulation fills the space with material that prevents the transfer of heat or cold from the outside to the inside of your home. With insulation the house will feel warmer, and you’ll save money. That is the clearest benefit of cavity wall insulation. Another benefit of insulating a cavity wall is that you can increase your property value. When prospective buyers are assessing the cost of owning a home, an energy efficient one is more appealing.

In order to install cavity wall insulation, holes are drilled into the exterior brickwork from the outside of the building. The insulation is then sprayed through the holes, filling the cavity quickly. Property owners can choose to hire a professional or complete the project themselves with the SprayEZ DIY Kit.

Using SprayEZ for Cavity Wall Insulation

SprayEZ spray foam insulation kits are designed for the DIY homeowner. The spray material cartridge system is especially popular in the DIY market because it’s easy to use and affordable. With the practical FastKick Gun Applicator, tackling home improvement projects by yourself has never been easier.

How do I find the right SprayEZ product for my needs?

We’ve got your back, it’s easy to find the right SprayEZ product for your needs.


If your project involves insulating an interior or exterior or cavity wall, you will want closed cell polyurethane foam. It has a high R-value for heat retention, and when it’s installed at least 2” thick, it acts as a complete air and vapor barrier.


For interior walls, floors, ceilings, attics and ducts, use open cell polyurethane foam. It’s R-value is lower than closed cell, but it’s superb at sound deadening between rooms and levels of a home.

SprayEZ makes this job simpler for the do-it-yourselfer by using the SprayEZ Cartridge Gun which is suitable for projects where large machinery can’t fit. One of the best aspects of the FastKick Gun is the portability and the cleanup after a job. Where the larger machines use a pressurized line for each of the two components, the FastKick Gun only needs an airline. Also, disposal of the empty cartridge is much easier that the disposal of the larger drums the machines require. All in all, the FastKick Gun provides great usability and functionality at a fraction of the cost of a larger machine.

If you are completing your own cavity wall insulation, SprayEZ Do It Yourself Spray Kits are specifically designed to spray effectively and efficiently. The spray material cartridge system is especially popular in the DIY market because of its ease of use and because the cost is so competitive.

Helpful Hints for the DIY-er

First, determine whether your house requires cavity wall insulation. If you know your home is between 30 and 80 years old and is built of brick, it likely has an empty cavity. You should only consider cavity wall insulation if:

Always wear personal protective equipment. You can purchase Tyvek suits, full-face respirators, and face shields on our website. A complete list of our Product Press Releases, Product Tech Sheets, and Material Safety Data Sheets can be found on our website. It’s a good idea to read through the information about the products you plan to use.

Take a look at the product specifications prior to applying Spray EZ spray foam. Ensure the temperature of the foam and the surface it is being applied to meets the specs, for maximum effectiveness. Everything you need to know about how easy it is to use Spray EZ can be found on our website.

When you combine the high R-value per inch of SprayEZ spray foam along with its extremely low air infiltration properties, you can achieve a thermal envelope that is superior to more traditional forms of insulation. A properly installed SprayEZ insulation system will generate long-term savings of 40% or more on your heating and cooling costs over traditional insulation methods. For simplicity of use, tidy cleanup, easy disposal, and cost effectiveness, nothing beats Spray EZ.