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Polyurea Products

SprayEZ has an assortment of applications for our custom Polyurea Products.

We take pride in being a major supplier and manufacturer of Spray Urethane Foam, Polyurea, insulation products, and other kinds of dispensing equipment. This includes foam and equipment spray on a global scale.

SprayEZ has a collection of specially-designed spray foam equipment. Our range of products will cater to a wide variety of circumstances and budgets. These enable our clients to make relevant adjustments for high heat and high pressure situations when required. You should be able to find what you need. Our comprehensive collection of polyurea products is impressive as they are effective.


Our BallisticCompositeJacket composites can be broken down into 3 different kinds of application categories: Cast, Laminating, and Spray. Laminated composite panels would function as the base for proprietary inner members - among them include hard steels, ceramics, Kevlar fabric, and ultra-dense engineered thermoplastics that are encapsulated within a matrix of Ballistics super-polymer. These panels surpass NIJ Level 4 US requirements and tip the scales at less than 1.5 lb/ft2 (7.5 kg/m2).

We also offer a couple of primary super-polymer formulations that see action in military protection applications. The first would be the BlastJacket that is used for explosive blast containment situations, with the BallisticCompositesJacket meant for ballistic shielding.


You would not find anything quite like our ChemJacket. The ChemJacket is tough-as-nails, which is the result of a 100% solids aromatic super-polymer formulation. This makes it more than capable of holding its own in high heat conditions while offering unparalleled chemical resistance at the same time. In addition, the ChemJacket delivers low smoke, and low flame spread qualities even when it is exposed to direct flame. This is a special super-polymer that has been designed in order to be applied as a fast-set spray. Alternatively, it can be used as a 15-minute roll-on coating, depending on the circumstances.

If the need arises, the formulation may be tweaked in order to enable a slower cure period for advanced composite laminations, RIM molding, and casting manufacturing circumstances. The level of customization also extends to the ability to color tint, resulting in translucent or opaque shades. As it lacks UV stability, the ChemJacket will need to be covered with an aliphatic UV stable top coat like the ClearJacket, aliphatic StormJacket, FireJacket or Acrylic Top Coat. Other qualities that make the ChemJacket worth checking out is its superior bonding performance, low surface friction, toughness, and abrasion resistance. Should the situation arise, vertical surfaces can be applied to a thickened version of the ChemSkin via rolling or squeegee.


BlastJacket comes across as a high strength energy absorbing polyurea that offers extreme elastomeric resiliency in the face of explosive energy forces. Carrying a military grade formula ensures it has extremely high material tear-strength and an unprecedented level of toughness. In the event of an exothermic explosion, the BlastJacket’s molecular geometry will end up in a very high energy state, allowing it to absorb the majority of the kinetic energy from the resulting blast's shock wave. In other words, the BlastJacket is ideal to contain any potential debris from shrapnel fragments. In military tests, the BlastJacket has shown blast pressure rates in the order of 250 psi/ms performance at 0.25" thickness.


The ClearJacket is an Aliphatic polyurea formulation that exhibits extremely tough and optically clear weather resistant qualities and is highly durable against the face of abrasion, chemicals, and even direct sunlight. Meant to be used in exterior high-wear environments mostly, especially in areas where severe topcoat protection is called for. If you choose, the ClearJacket can also be color-tinted in order to match the overall building design, choosing from Flexible, Medium, and Hard versions.

Home insulation efforts would definitely find the ClearJacket to be worth the investment, as it is applied as an insulation spray or insulation foam. Industries that will benefit from the application of the ClearJacket include boat building, marine equipment, industrial outdoor heavy equipment, pool deck coatings, commercial flooring, decorative concrete, stone/ paver sealing, playground equipment, and commercial fascia, among others.

EPS HardCoat

SprayEZ’s EPS HardCoat is more than capable of withstanding direct flame contact as an insulating microcellular polymeric material. It would help the situation greatly as EPS HardCoat emits low smoke and flame spread in the event of a fire, making this a precious ally to help diversify the fire protection steps that you have taken in your home or building. EPS HardCoat will also help protect Polystyrene from the weather while offering the rock-hard texture that theme parks find very attractive.

Max Corrosion Resistant Primer

This high-performance polymer polyurea delivers protection should it be applied on conducting metals. Being 100% solid, it does not carry any VOCs. Riggings and foam rigs would find the Max Corrosion Resistant Primer useful, especially in the niches of coastal marine, naval/ shipbuilding, industrial chemical processing piping, underground piping, tanks and water treatment plants. After all, it has been specially designed to deliver excellent adhesion to metal substrates so that surface oxidizing reactants will never make its presence felt on the surface.

RockHard Bedliner 

The RockHard Bedliner comprises of two components merged together to form a 100% solid Polyurea. It delivers a superior level of performance when it comes to industrial, offering super fast cure times with excellent adhesive quality regardless of the substrates used. The

RockHard Bedliner

works well within the temperature range of 20°F all the way to 150°F, sporting an amazing level of chemical resistance and excellent water insensitivity.


As for the MaxPrime , this amazing multi-purpose one-component primer is used for concrete substrates as well as other kinds of sealing applications - especially those dust-prone areas. This moisture-cure solvent is based on polyisocyanate and has been formulated with zinc so that galvanic protection is part of the mix when it sees action in industrial metal assemblies. With a "super-stick" nature, the MaxPrime  is perfect as a topcoat as it carries high-performance adhesive characteristics without sacrificing on ease-of-use air-less or roller application techniques. Coastal marine, industrial chemical processing, and oily water treatment plants are some of the challenging environments that see the MaxPrime  come in handy to protect rigs equipment.


The StormJacket comprises of a two component 100% solid Polyurea that does well in industrial applications thanks to very fast cure times with excellent adhesions regardless of the substrates. One can spray the StormJacket within a temperature range of 20 F to 150 F, and it will continue to exhibit excellent chemical and water resistance. With a temperature range of -40 F to 350 F, the StormJacket will also conform to USDA and FDA guidelines where incidental food contact is concerned. It is also one that helps preserve our planet since it is not ozone depleting in any way when applied.


Last but not least, the Epoxy-EZ comes across as an extremely tough, optically clear, weather resistant, UV stable water-borne Polyaspartic coating. Sporting excellent durability when it comes to resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and sunlight, the Epoxy-EZ can function as a primer for the ClearJacket. It is also able to match other solid or color systems by being color tinted, and even so will continue to maintain its level of performance over various kinds of substrates like concrete, brick, stone, metal, wood, and composites.