There are many benefits to lining your truck bed with spray on bedliner from SprayEz. A spray in bedliner creates a durable truck bed in which you can easily load products without damaging the products from worn edges and/or rust on the truck bed. A spray in bed liner also makes your truck bed look great!

Let’s say you want to prep your pick-up truck for an upcoming event, construction job, or a camping session, but your truck bed liner is worn out. It is full of scratches caused by friction from loading and unloading materials. The color is fading and there is a permanent stain because of spilled chemicals, or worse, rust is forming on the bed liner of your truck. It is about time to think about properly protecting your truck! With the right tools, know-how and experience you could complete a do it yourself spray in bedliner project to protect and renew your truck bed.

Additional Benefits of Spray in Bedliner

Spray in bedliners outperform other types of truck bed liners. For instance, drop-in bedliners and carpet liners may shift around when you place heavy objects on top of them and then start driving. Drop-in bedliners are more susceptible to damage from heavy objects. If drop-in bedliners crack or shift, then moisture could accumulate and lead to rust on the truck underneath the lining. A spray bed liner forms an airtight fit so moisture cannot accumulate.

Spray in bedliners offer the perfect fit since the materials are coated on. Furthermore, it may be difficult to find drop-in liners for an older truck model. Fortunately, you do not have to worry about whether or not spray on bedliners will fit.

Truck bed liner sprays serve as protective coatings so that your truck bed liner is free of stains, scratches, and rust. The spray on bedliner is also skid resistant. A spray on bedliner will also help preserve the color of your truck bed liner depending on the variety of spray you use. It serves as a protective coating made of polyurea, a VOC-free technology that can be used to line or coat trucks as well as commercial and industrial equipment for corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. Spray on bedliners require some work to get on but once the truck bed liner is on you do not have to worry about on-going maintenance like you would with a drop-in bedliner. For these reasons, bedliner spray is a popular choice for many truck owners. SprayEz makes it easy for you to buy the proper equipment and get high quality materials delivered to your door.

Factors to Consider in Buying a Spray on Bedliner

An expert is making it.

SprayEZ has years of many experience and great customer service to meet the needs of customers who opt for spray in bedliners. SprayEZ has been tagged as an all-around convenience shop for polyurea and polyurethane spray foam rigs. SprayEZ applies proven and safe engineering in manufacturing their products. SprayEZ is always developing quality products and is consistently creating effective ways of making different types of polyurea work best for varied classes of bed liners. If you have any questions about our polyurea products or about how to complete a “do it yourself spray in bedliner project,” please contact us at 1-877-772-9629. If you purchase SprayEz’s products at one of our sites, you receive on-site training to prepare you for your DIY spray on bedliner project.

Our Products are Industry Certified

SprayEZ’s spray on bedliners pass industry standards, especially the Hazard Communication Standards, which determines the safety of chemical components found in a product and ensures that the steps for correct usage of products are properly explained by contractors or product owners. SprayEZ also offers a complete list of the data sheet for bedliner sprays for more information and safety measures to take in using the product.

Our Bedliner Sprays Offer Long Lasting Protection

SprayEZ’s spray bed liners have the ability to resist abrasion and prevent corrosion for the longest time. Although the protection period differs on the type of polyurea you will be using, SprayEZ has a well-known reputation for making polyurea products that preserve the life of your truck bedliner.

Long-Lasting Value is Worth More than its Price

SprayEz offers better quality and more volume of spray on bedliners than other brands. SprayEZ gives you great spray equipment to pair with your polyurea spray in bedliners. Instead of the traditional way of placing your polyurea liquid on a regular aerosol spray bottle, you take advantage of the equipment like the FastKick Gun. SprayEz offers RockHard Bed Liners Start Up Kit, which is great for first-time users because you receive the FastKick Gun and polyurea. The kit includes one FastKick Plural Component dispensing gun, one case of black polyurea, six static mixing tubes, 1 six-inch abrasive filament cup brush and one 1/4-inch-wide by the 90-foot roll of wire trim tape. SprayEZ products and equipment can be shipped easily with financing available for selected items.

Spray on Bedliner Variations

There are six assortments of spray on bedliners from SprayEZ. These include APA RockHard Polyurea in Red (retains color-fastness and withstands extreme sunlight), Black Polyurea, Dark Blue Polyurea, Desert Tan Polyurea, Gray Polyurea, and Pewter Polyurea. Every one of these products stops chipping and covers all layers thoroughly so that no rust is left out.

What are the differences in the types of polyurea? There are two main types of polyurea. They are called aliphatic and aromatic. The aliphatic type has long lasting UV protection while the aromatic type does not have this kind of protection. Aromatic types of spray on bedliner are for high performance. It is proven to protect your truck bed liner from moisture, especially under the rain.
You may also view full description, pricing, and specifications of RockHard bed liner sprays here.

SprayEz Spray in BedLiners Qualities

SprayEZ’s spray bed liners have the following qualities:

✔ 100% Pure Polyurea

You certainly do not want a mix of different types of polyurea as a coat on your bed liners because this can affect the longevity of its protective coating and capacity to protect your truck bed liner from corrosion or abrasion. With SprayEZ, you know that our product is 100% pure polyurea.

✔ Color Stability

The Aromatic and Aliphatic types are guaranteed to last for a long time.

✔ VOC Free

Unlike aerosol sprays which contain CFCs, our product is eco-friendly.

✔ Seamless Finish

No bubbles, just a smooth texture that will provide a long-lasting finish.

✔ Temperature resistant

Suits a variety of temperatures and weather conditions. Please refer to instructions for more specific information.

✔ Quick Drying

Your spray on bed liner dries up in 15 minutes or less.

✔ Insensitive to moisture

There is absolutely no moisture in between application of the spray.

Cost of Drop-in Bed Liners Versus Spray on Bedliners

So when you think there is too much work required in a spray on bedliner, think again: purchasing a new truck bed liner may cost you double or may triple the effort. If you get a new drop-in liner, you know you will have to change it from time to time. Spray bed liners are longer lasting. You can’t argue with the fact that spray on bedliners preserve the life of your truck bed liner.

Spray on bedliner is a proven technology that prevents chipping and rusting. In fact, it is even used by commercial and industrial establishments. You can’t really keep a close eye on your truck bedliner all the time. Pieces of equipment can slide off, and areas of the bed liner are prone to be chipped. For this reason, you will need to spray them with SprayEZ products to protect the area even when you are not there. There have been a lot of successful reviews on bedliner sprays and they work great every time. SprayEZ also offers a kit of instructions for your convenience, and its specific RockHard bed liners like the RockHard High-pressure Polyurea Machine SFT-3000 can apply your polyurea to the surface very well. They prevent you from applying too much or not enough of the product amount required for line coating. SprayEZ spray coating also provides a clean textured finish compared to generic ones in the market.

As mentioned earlier, think about the delivery value of SprayEZ spray equipment. The spray products are worth more than its price. SprayEZ also has to financing available for those who prefer that option.

DIY Spray on Bedliner

Now that you are equipped with the basic knowledge about SprayEZ and our easy-to-use spray on bed liners, we will provide some basic how-to information for your DIY Spray on BedLiner project. This information is not meant to be exhaustive, but a basic summary of necessary materials and actions.

What you need:

  • Painter’s tape
  • 40 grit & 120-140 grit sand paper
  • 4 Plastic bags (garbage bags)
  • Spacious area/garage. Material to cover floor and everything around the truck
  • SprayEZ polyurea product of choice
  • SprayEZ equipment of choice (we recommend the Starter Kit for first timers)
  • Respirator and protective clothing

Step 1. Acquire all of your necessary materials.

You will need to purchase your SprayEZ Spray on Bed Liner Kit or Proportioner machine online. Shipping usually takes 3-7 days in the U.S. and 2 weeks if outside the U.S.

SprayEZ has a minimum order of four cases per color of polyurea spray on bed liner products. If you have any questions about the purchasing process or spray in bedliner cost, just contact one of our friendly representatives at 1-877-772-9629.

Step 2. Park your truck in a spacious and obstruction-free area.

This is extremely important. Keep away any animals, children, or other adults that might accidentally get sprayed on. Always handle equipment and spray products with care. Read instructions before you assemble and apply the spray.

Step 3. Cover your clothes and parts of your truck that you do not want to be sprayed.

Wear a pair of gloves and apron or a coat that you are comfortable staining with polyurea. Remember, the stain is permanent, so it might be better to wear plastic around you to cover your clothes. For the truck cover, it is a good idea to prepare newspapers, plastic bags (preferably the size of garbage bags), and painter’s tape.

Line the edges of the tailgate with the painter’s tape. Gather some newspaper and cover the body and rear glass of the cab completely. Use the painter’s tape to secure the newspapers in place. It may also be good to add the plastic bags on the tailgate liner, side rails, bed rack, tailgate spoiler and exterior trim plus the sides of the truck.

Step 4. Sand the bed liner.

Simply rub the entire area of the bed liner with sand paper. The 40 grit sandpaper is good for visible surfaces of the bed liner. The 120-140 grit sand paper is for finishing in between the edges of the bed liner. Make sure to exclude the tailgates and other areas covered with newspaper and plastic bags, so they do not tear the plastic when you apply the spray later on. Make sure to get on the edges. Sanding the bed liner makes the application of spray on bed liner easy as it creates a smooth texture and eliminates unwanted dirt or dust that you do not want to be included.

There are four other basic surface preparation processes that will be helpful to you:

Scotch-Brite preparation – This is a commonly used method where you use Scotch-Brite to scuff the truck bed’s surface in order for the spray to coat evenly.

Hand sanding – This is similar to the Scotch-Brite preparation, only it depends on the person doing the sanding.

Power sanding – Power sanding involves two or more people using professional tools to prepare the bed’s paint.

Chemical etch – This is a common yet inconsistent method of surface preparation. There might be peels or scrapes since this method does not employ uniformity in preparing the surface. We do not recommend this process.

Step 5. Spray on the bed liner thoroughly.

The products come with a manual on how to use SprayEZ, but you may also seek assistance and training from a SprayEZ representative to help you out. SprayEZ’s products gets inside all edges and corners, the common areas we usually leave out when applying the spray. Proper spraying techniques will help ensure a smooth coat. If you have any questions about proper spraying techniques, please ask a SprayEz representative.

Step 6. Let it dry completely.

SprayEZ bed liner has quick-drying sprays that will get the job done easier. Most sprays will dry out in less than 15 minutes. Make sure the area has completely dried before using your pickup truck again.

Once your truck is completely dry, that is it! There are a lot of benefits that the spray on bedliners can offer for your truck bed. The first benefit is that you can save more by purchasing the spray from SprayEZ. The second benefit is that you can control corrosion and abrasion yourself without much effort. SprayEZ also offers to finance. Please visit our website for more details. We also offer expert training on-site. As a plus, here are some best practices to preserve the lifespan of your truck bed liner.

Other Methods of Truck Bed Protection

Some truck owners use other methods of protecting their bed liner other than spraying polyurea, but it really goes down to what is your preference. Although we highly recommend spraying on bed liners, here are some of the pros and cons of using each product and how spray on bed liners can be more effective in protecting your property.

Bed Mats

Bed mats are just basic types of protection. They are usually made of rubber and polypropylene which is a type of thermoplastic polymer resin used for applying on plastics including automobile parts. Bed mats are versatile products which have a custom fit to promote air flow and keep the truck bed dry. This is ideal for trucks with limited cargo. However, bed mats only protect the bed of the truck, not the sides or walls of the truck.

Bed Liner

Bed liners have a similar finish as a spray on bed liners. It is custom made to fit the corners and edges of the truck bed. The best thing about this is it maintains the shape of the truck bed. Like spray on bed liner, it protects your bed from scratches because of its woven fiber foam, and it also prevents your cargo from slipping. However, a bed liner is removable, unlike a spray on treatment, which is more permanent.

Plastic Bed Liners

Plastic bed liners prevent impact on the surface of your truck bed from scratches. Plastic bed liners are padded on the surface of the truck bed. However, these are also seen as a temporary solution and can be easily worn out over time. Eventually, they will need to be replaced.

Bed Rug Bed Liner

Bed rug bed liners protect the entire bed and tailgate of the truck. It is a great option for trucks that load people instead of cargo because of its smooth texture. However, this product is another temporary product and is not ideal for heavy-duty tasks. Instead, spray in bedliners are able to protect your truck on a long-term basis.

Important Questions to Ask

Here are some important questions to ask yourself when choosing the best protection for your truck bed liner.

  • Is the cargo secured and not susceptible to slipping?
  • Is it suitable to for two or more people to ride on?
  • Does it prevent scratches and abrasion?
  • Is it skid resistant?
  • Does the bed liner protect my truck from dents?
  • Does protection include the tailgate of the truck?
  • Does it protect the walls behind the truck?
  • Is it easy to install?
  • Do I have the installation skills?
  • Do I need help installing it?
  • Will it give a long lasting protection?
  • How often will I change the bed liner?
  • Does the liner preserve the truck’s factory paint?
  • Does the bed liner contain hazardous chemicals?
  • How much will it cost me and will it be worth it?

Bed Liner Toughness

If you are going to invest on a bed liner, make sure that it can withstand all weather conditions. Removing snow from your truck bed is not easy, especially if it gets stuck in between the ridges of your bed liner.

If you are going to use hauling gear or tools to clean your truck, make sure you do not scrape off your truck bed liner. Invest in a tough bed liner that will last a lifetime even with the extreme methods of cleaning you use for your truck bed.

Facts on Truck Bed Liner Colors

UV Protection is available in an aliphatic type of polyurea spray. As mentioned, aliphatic types are the only sprays that offer UV protection. You can ask the manufacturer or check the data sheet to ensure if you are buying the right kind of spray.

Colors are bound to fade, so reapplication is done in a year or twice a year depending on the durability of paint. The good thing about SprayEZ is that we offer free training and all spraying techniques can be done with a SprayEZ representative. We are only one phone call away!

The manufacturer will know what is best for you in terms of making the right treatments to preserve your color. Read your instructions before proceeding with spraying on your bed liner. It is good to call SprayEZ at 877.772.9629 for the Yulee Office and 877.274.4491 for the Oklahoma Office to assist you in the process.

Best Practices to Preserve Truck Bed Liner

Unload and load equipment only when the truck is parked at the right area.

You would not want to unload heavy equipment or furniture if the truck has not been parked properly yet or else, there would not be any space to place the unloaded items.

Wipe off moisture or water from truck bed liner.

Moisture can cause accidents while unloading or loading equipment. It is a good precaution to clean truck bed liner once or twice a week just to maintain the extra care.

Park your truck indoors or in an indoor garage.

This will keep your truck dry and free from unwanted bird droppings, leaves or water from sprinklers.

SprayEZ also offers parts and supplies like hoses, spray foam guns, solvents and safety equipment. SprayEZ also has other useful products available, such as the Clear Shot Liquid-25 PC, FastKick Applicator with Regulator, and Graco Fusion CS. To view other parts, please visit this link.
With your truck bed liner in perfect shape and condition, you are ready to use your pickup truck for all of your outdoor activities. Step out into the wilderness, head to the mountains, or get some work done without worry. As a proud leader in our industry, SprayEZ is here to help you with your toughest projects.