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Rockhard Bedliner - Before and After Photos - Polyurea Material Black Polyurea


How are the RockHard Bedliner systems packaged?2018-11-19T10:47:48-04:00

The RockHard Bedliner starter kit includes:

1 – FastKick Plural Component Dispensing Gun
1 – Case of Black Polyurea (6 cartridges per box)
6 – Static Mixing Tubes
1 – 6-inch Abrasive-Filament Cup Brush
1 – 1/4 Inch Wide x 90 Foot Roll of WireTrim® Trim Tape

Will the RockHard Bedliner material withstand extreme temperature?2018-11-19T10:44:54-04:00

RockHard Bedliners are functional in temperatures from -40 °F up to 230 °F.

What colors are available other than black?2018-11-19T10:43:00-04:00

Aeromatic Colors: Pewter, Desert Tan, Dark Blue and Charcoal

Aliphatic Colors: Black Polyurea is available with our Starter Kit. White is also available, prices vary based on color tone.

How soon can my customers take their vehicles back?2018-11-19T10:41:17-04:00

Immediately! As soon as you complete the application, your customer can drive away.

Please advise your customers to avoid heavy duty use for 24 hours as the material fully cures.

How long does it take the RockHard Material to dry?2018-11-19T10:39:08-04:00

The drying process starts immediately as the A and B components leave the FastKick Applicator.

At 72 °F you will find the material completely dry to the touch in 1-2 minutes.

Will my customers vehicles still drain after application?2018-11-19T10:38:09-04:00

Yes. Unlike drop-in bedliners, RockHard Bedliner application allows for all drain lines to remain open.

What does it take to become a RockHard Bedliner applicator?2018-11-19T10:36:53-04:00

Once you have bought your FastKick applicator and first case of RockHard Bedliner material you are ready to go.

Order your RockHard Bedliner Starter Kit.

Do you offer support?2018-11-19T10:33:43-04:00

Yes, besides the FastKick training video you will receive with your order.

Our staff will be at your disposal to answer questions by phone, chat and e-mail.

What size air compressor do I need?2018-11-19T10:30:37-04:00

You need a minimum of 5 HP 220 Electric or a 9 HP Gas air compressor.

The air compressor you choose to use needs to accomplish 100PSI @ 12 cfm.

What will happen if my material is below 75 °F? Or, if my air compressor is to small?2018-11-19T10:28:26-04:00

The Rockhard Bedliner material will harden in the static mixer before cartridge is empty.