CARLISLE IS40 Proportioner 6-ZONE PROP 15″ SCRN MODEM #341153


CARLISLE IS40  |  The IS40 interface is a leap forward in spray foam equipment technology. Built like an iPhone, the spray foam machine is ready to use out of the gate. Our team leveraged leading edge technology for automation and control to make it easier to use, provide more control and make teams more productive.



Our system works smarter and faster from start to finish
  • Reduce warm-up time by 20-50 minutes a day
  • Faster warmup, consistent heat, automated processes, durability, and output improve productivity
  • Cut material costs with 5-15% improved yields
Ratio assurance and protects your reputation from off-ratio equipment
  • Independent, Servo-driven motors control the flow of A & B materials
  • Operating information can be monitored by an owner/operator remotely
  • Provide your contractor with an automatic detailed job report
Stop dealing with constant equipment issues
  • No exposed throat seal or piston rods that can cause crystallization of your ISO and wear of packings
  • Front access for all normal maintenance and repairs, with an entire module replaced in minutes
  • Advanced sensors and monitoring tell the operator where and when to clean filters or troubleshoot an issue
Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Intuitive, easy to use display makes operating the equipment a breeze
  • Equipment training happens in under a day with advanced automation of processes and troubleshooting
  • Adjust the settings from the spray area, no need to return to the rig


Maximum Fluid Pressure
138 bar, 13.8 MPa (2000 psi)
Maximum Fluid Temperature
200°F (93°C)
Maximum Output
40 lb/minute (18.1 kg/minute)
200-240 VAC 3-phase
80A (100A peak)
Proportioner Heat
Total heating power up to 20kW depending on hose length
70.5 x 35.4 x 26.4 in (179 x 90 x 67 cm)
589 lbs (268kg)


Product Data & Resources

All CARLISLE IS40 Proportioner documentation, manuals and resources available HERE.
Below the most important manuals provided by the manufacturer:

Product Brochure


Additional information

Weight 700 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 40 × 64 in

28 lbs/min
(12.70 kg/min)

Max Working Pressure

2,000 psi (138 bar)

Max Hose Length

210 ft (64 m) w/70V Trans
310 ft (94.5 m) w/90V Trans
410 ft (121.9 m) w/120V Trans

Heater Wattage

7,500 watts Total (Single htr)
9,000 watts Total (Single htr)
10,500 watts Total (Single htr)

Hose Heating Power

70 Volt, 90 Volt or 120 Volt

Max Fluid Temperature

190 °F (87.7 °C)

Main Voltage

3 x 208-230V, 50/60 Hz,
3 x 380V, 50/60 Hz

Electrical @

40A–7,500W heaters
46A–9,000W heaters
51A–10,500W heaters


44 in. (111 cm)


54 in. (137 cm)


22 in. (55 cm)


415 lbs
(188 kg)

Wetted Parts

Aluminum, stainless steel, zinc plated carbon steel, brass, carbide, chrome, chemically resistant o-rings, PTFE, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene