Is clogged spray foam equipment losing you money? Here’s how you can safely & easily clean out the isocyanate buildup in your spray foam system in less than a handful of hours.




“Hi, my name is David Faghani and I  am the Technical Director global specialty products USA located in Mt. Holly, New Jersey. Today, I am going to go over the flushing procedure of spray foam equipment and spray guns using two eco-friendly products called NZD ISO flush Isocyanate cleaner & neutralizer and Surf X Flush 2000. These products will effectively flush spray foam equipment, hoses, spray guns and other related spray foam equipment. So if you need to flush Isocyanate Part-A polyol, Part B or even if you need to remove over-sprayed polyurethane foam which is the reacted part a and b, as well as industrial resins such as polyurea, epoxy, polyester, and vinylester.  Adhesives such as hot melt polyurethane, acrylic, and silicone. These products will do the job NZD Iso Flush and Surf X Flush 2000 are compatible with most o-rings,  gaskets and hoses made from nylon, teflon, high-density polyethylene, polypropylene, Karlez and Bune N as Nitrile as well as many other elastomers. Both products are available nationwide through GSP USA’s authorized distributors. They come in one-gallon easy pour jugs, 5 gallon high density polyethylene pails, 55-gallon drums and go green saturated wipes for surface cleaning.”


“Global specialty products USA has been around for many many years and have developed several proven technologies non-hazardous, non-HAP’s, non-flammable proprietary industrial cleaning products specifically for flushing and immersion cleaning of the spray foam equipment, spray guns, and spray foam equipment components. Surf X Flush 2000 and NZD ISO Flush Isocyanate cleaner are two replacement products for NMP also known as N-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidone widely used alone or in conjunction with other ingredients for flushing or immersion cleaning purposes. The problem with the use of NMP is a specifically health related concerns for workers now you can find NMP listed on California Prop 65 list as well as the Hazardous Air Pollutant List. In addition to eliminating NMP, Global Specialty Products USA’s products are suitable replacements for Acetone, MEK, Methylene Chloride, and many other hazardous chemicals.”


“Today, I’m going to discuss the application of some of these products, specifically how and where to use each product, safe handling, disposal,  etc.”

How To Safely Use Spray Foam Insulation Cleaning Solvents

“Now briefly I’m going to go over the general safety information. Extreme care must be taken with the use of Polyurethane and Polyurea coatings, specifically the Isocyanate Part-A, which is highly reactive with water in any form. It is necessary to understand and follow the instructions from your Isocyanate suppliers. Please make sure that adequate ventilation and personal protection measures are taken so as not to exceed that Threshold Limit Value of the product being used, as established by OSHA and other qualified agencies. The user must be aware of the exposure limits specified for the product being used and must use them in accordance with the recommendations specified by their manufacturers. It is imperative to use personal protection recommended on your product SDS and technical data sheet.”


“In addition, the use of solvents such as Surf X Flush 2000 and NZD Iso flush you will require personal protection such as gloves and goggles to safely handle these products.”


How To Use NZD Iso Flush and Surf X Flush

NZD Isocyanate Flush Spray Foam Insulation Isocyanate neutralizer and isocyanate cleaner

“Now I am going to go over some of these applications for flushing liquid. I emphasize liquid diisocyanates polymer, also known as Part A from your spray foam equipment, hoses, feed lines and spray guns. The use of NZD ISO Flush and Surf X Flush is recommended for removing a small amount of hardened Iso and in addition the NZD ISO Flush will do a great job for flushing polyol Part B. The product has thin viscosity therefore it flushes easily and can be left in proportioner hoses overnight. GSP’s approach is this lower acting cleaner than Surf X Flush.”


“Now let’s talk about Surf X Flush for flushing semi-liquid Isocyanates or more viscous (in other words you have significant amount of ISO floating within the system the use of Surf X Flush is recommended. Once your spray equipment is flushed completely you will then need to flush your Iso line with fresh NZD Iso flush to ensure a complete removal. Surf X Flush will also be suitable for flushing Polyol Part B.”




Tips For Using Surf X Flush

“Now let’s go over some tips, as mentioned, Surf X Flush 2000 is for flushing Hardened Isocyanate Part A or Polyol Part B. Surf X Flush is more viscous and aggressive than NZD Iso flush however in the presence of moisture Surf X Flush will gel with some Iso Part A- in cases where Surf X is used for flushing hardened Part A- a final flush of NZD Iso wilSurf X Flush Isocyanate Cleanerl be required. Please do not leave Surf X Flush in equipment or even hoses overnight. You will need to flush out the proportioner here with NZD Iso flush.”


“Now let’s talk about other uses of Surf X Flush. The product will remove polyurethane foam reacted part A such as removing over spray polyurethane foam from unpainted surfaces, metal surfaces, cement, masonry, etc. It will remove industrial resins such as polyester, vinylester, epoxy, and fiberglass from spray of spray guns, cutting devices, hoses, etc; removing polyurea coating from industrial floors, as well as other industrial coatings; removing polyurea coatings; and also removing silicone and other industrial adhesives.”


How To Remove Crystallized Isocyanate?

“What about crystallized Isocyanate, how do we handle that?”

“So Global Specialty Product USA has developed a product called Cirr D-Bond (it stands for crystallized Isocyanate resin remover). So basically, the product is a low temperature immersion cleaner to remove hardened iso and cure buildup of polymers and resins from the spray foam equipment, spray guns, pump packaging, heat exchangers, mixing heads, conveyor parts, sidewalls, rollers, foam and resin cutting devices, etc. keep in Cirr D-Bond is not suitable for flushing the hoses.”


How To Extend the Lifetime Value of Spray Foam Equipment and Systems

“Now let’s talk about how to maintain your spray foam equipment & spray guns after flushing and cleaning global specialty products USA offers a product called surf a lube storage fluid which is the only VOC exempt proprietary storage fluid available on the market. The product is non hazardous, non flammable, non-corrosive, non-hygroscopic and suitable in extreme and freezing conditions. Above all, Surf A Lube is compatible with machines and transfer pumps made of carbon steel stainless aluminum and aluminum alloys, as well as many elastomers and plastic substrates that are all listed on your technical data sheet.”

“So Surf A Lube storage fluid is a companion product to NZD Iso flush and  Surf X Flush is used to store urethane dispensing equipment for an extended period of time (up to three years if it’s kept under normal storage conditions.”


“Lastly I would like to talk to you about protecting pump packaging and bearings from damage protecting airless paint and coating sprayers global specialty products USA has developed a product

called Surf A Seal Coalescent Liquid also known as SSC. It’s basically for long-term storage with full corrosion inhibition package for protecting pump packaging bearings from damage.”

Proper Disposal

“So now I want to talk to you about how to dispose of these products. Surf X Flush, NZD ISO flush, Surf A Lube, and Surf A Seal, etc are all compatible so once you use the material let’s say as an example, NZD Iso flush isocyanates and Surf X flush in your system, you can collect the spent material and have it hauled away in a 55-gallon drum or five-gallon pail for proper disposal recommended by your local Township, county, state and federal regulations. It is imperative that when the solvent is used for flushing your spray system do not reuse, the material are only for one use application it is so important not to reuse the spent material for flushing your spray foam equipment or spray guns.”