Although insulating a garage is not on the top of everyone’s to-do list, garage insulation is a necessary task for creating a livable and enjoyable home environment. SprayEZ is a product designed to make this task as foolproof as possible.

What makes SprayEZ unique when compared to other garage insulation products? To put it simply, it’s easy to use, affordable, and reliable. Whether you live in a warm or cold climate, insulating your garage with SprayEZ can have an abundance of perks.

Reduce Your Energy Bills

Have you ever received your energy bill and been shocked to see the amount total? Well, you’re not alone. There is nothing more frustrating than paying for heat that you did not receive, because it escaped from uninsulated areas of your home, such as your garage. Losing heat to the gaps and uninsulated areas of your home happens in many homes across the country. Your energy consumption is basically eating away at your wallet, and it’s time for it to stop. Complete a garage insulation product with SprayEZ’s line of DIY spray foam insulation products.

You can potentially save hundreds of dollars by properly insulating your garage. Garage insulation allows you to slow down the temperature exchange between your garage and the outdoors.

Having uninsulated areas in your home is the equivalent of having holes in your roof, which I’m sure many of us would agree is unacceptable. Many garages are poorly insulated, and cause a great amount of heat to escape through the tiny gaps that surround your doors and windows. These pesky cracks are what cause your energy consumption to soar through the roof, but don’t worry — they can be stopped with SprayEz’s products.

What’s more? You probably dread going into your garage during the winter to get any tools or items you stored down there. By insulating your garage, you could use your garage more often and actually spend time there. You could use your garage as a personal gym space or to complete woodworking projects. After insulating your garage, you could effectively have another room in your home.

Easy and Affordable DIY Garage Insulation

Many people believe that a garage insulation project is difficult, so they end up paying a pretty penny for a professional to do it for them. Fortunately for you, there’s an easier way. SprayEZ is so simple and efficient that anybody can use it. Why pay someone when you can do it yourself? Not only will you be pocketing extra cash, but you will own your own materials in case you decide to complete additional spray foam insulation projects.

By insulating every little nook and cranny around and inside of your garage, you will minimize your chances of being visited by undesired guests. SprayEZ Do It Yourself Spray Foam Kits can be used just about anywhere that allows air to leak in. You can also use SprayEZ in your trailer, truck bed, house, and office.

As most of us know, making an appointment with a professional is not always easy. First of all, they usually work during the week, which forces you to take time off work, and their services are not always carried out to your individual taste. What’s worse is that they are sometimes late, and you are left waiting hours on end for a service you could have rendered yourself. At the end of the day, you are left feeling peeved at the fact that you missed out on work, paid a ridiculous amount, and spent your day waiting around for someone to perform a minimalistic task. SprayEZ is easy and affordable DIY garage insulation. Within moments of using SprayEZ, you will become familiar with its technologies, and be surprised at how simple and effortless it was for you to become a pro-insulator.

How Does SprayEZ Work?

SprayEZ Do It Yourself Foam Kits have been largely designed to enclose buildings with either Open Cell Foam, or Closed Cell Urethane Foam. Although Open and Closed Cell Foams do have some common ground, they are not entirely the same, and so it’s important to know what type of foam you need to properly fulfill your wants and needs.

Open Cell Foams have been known to be appropriate for indoor insulations, and this is simply because SprayEZ Open Cell Foam expands once applied. This allows the foam to be introduced into smaller and more difficult to reach cavities. Open Cell Foams also come with sound deadening properties, while allowing vapors to be properly filtered.

Closed Cell Urethane Foam has a higher resistance than Open Cell Foams, which is why it’s often used for a variety of projects, as well as smaller ones. If you plan on insulating any outdoor components, then SprayEZ Closed Cell Urethane Foam is the product for you. Also, Closed Cell Foams are more resistant when it comes to leaks and water infiltration. This will save your home from coming into contact with bacterial growth. Preventing moisture build-up is necessary for kicking mold to the curb and insuring that your home does not get compromised. Closed Cell Foams also insulate air, regulate temperatures, prevent excessive energy usage, and can even strengthen your wall.

SprayEZ is a product that you can trust and admire. As one of the largest providers and manufacturers of Spray Urethane Foam, Polyurea, and dispensing equipment, you can be sure that SprayEZ is a product of the utmost quality, efficiency, and durability.