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Historically, if you wanted the bed of your truck lined, you would have to measure out the bottom of the truck with all of the contours and measure the layout of the bed itself. You would have to purchase a large enough piece of tractioned rubber and then cut around matching the shape of the truck bed perfectly. The process was complex enough to require specialized labor, and tedious and painstaking enough to make it expensive. But with modern advances in chemistry, you can do all of this yourself, and you can do it for a fraction of the cost.

SprayEZ became a well-known industry leader by creating the bedliner cartridge systems and guns for doing it yourself the best spray in bedliner. We created what we call the Dual Cartridge Pneumatic gun also known as the FastKick Gun™. Over time, we began to add more properties the spray on bedliner such as spray foam insulation, joint sealant, hard coats, and ExpandoThane© Roofing membrane.

Our DIY spray bedliner and related toolkits are designed to spray this material into the truck bed quickly and effectively saving you time and money while affording you an extremely effective protective coating and sealant apparatus that is capable of tackling a wide array of different home improvement projects.

RockHard Bedliners

SprayEZ creates our own line of polyurea bedliner spray for lining your truck bed. We call that brand RockHard Bedliners, and it is the best spray in bedliner you will find anywhere in the US. The material itself is available in a number of different colors, and there are two main types: Aromatic and Aliphatic. The Aromatic has a tendency to fade in the sun, while the Aliphatic blend does not. Whereas in years past the Aliphatic blend came with its own shortcomings, a newer technology which blends Aliphatic and Aromatic chemistry to create a polyurea bed coat that retains all of the best properties of Aromatic blend with the UV resistance of the Aliphatic blend.

While Aromatic only blends still make up the bulk of commercial truck bedliners and bed spray, SprayEZ has begun the process of integrating Aliphatic bed spray into its line of truck coating cartridge systems since UV resistance and color retention is in such high demand.

RockHard Bedliners - APA (in Red)

This blend is the best spray in bedline for a wide variety of projects and includes our new revolutionary blend of non-conventional exterior polyurea coating. It is an aliphatic/aromatic blended formulation which does not degrade when exposed to UV light. In other words, this beautiful red coating will not fade in the sun. Our Rockhard Bedliners APA has been designed to be tough enough to resist almost any abrasion while protecting your truck bed from nicks and scrapes that come from moving heavy equipment and furniture. It is also the best spray in bedline for surfaces that are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. Conventional aromatic polyureas yellow within hours of being left in direct sunlight. Our APA formulation can withstand a summer day in the desert on the equator while delivering the toughness and abrasion resistance you would expect from the aromatic blends of truck bed coating.

Our RockHard Bedliners APA formulation is the ideal blend when working with outdoor equipment that needs to be protected from coarse objects being pushed or scraped on top of it. Outdoor equipment, tank containers, pipe coatings, flooring, and truck bedliners are all the sort of projects where you would want a coating of this caliber that is also resistant to discoloration in direct sunlight.

Our RockHard Bedliners APA products can all be applied by spray using our FastKick RockHard Bedliners startup kit, or if you have equipment of your own, it can be applied using either high pressure heated plural equipment, low pressure heated equipment, or cold spray 2K cartridge equipment.

This spray bedliner is the best for truck beds because of its durability and sunlight resistance. We think you will also agree that it is a pretty shade of red that will glow as brightly as the day it was applied, even years after you have sprayed it on.

RockHard Bedliners - Polyurea Blends

Our polyurea blends were created specifically to line the beds of trucks. They feature an extremely durable self-adhering bed spray that is manufactured right on the truck bed. This blend creates a thick blanket of bed coating that creates a seamless barrier between your truck’s flooring and the heavy equipment you will be transporting inside of it. This barrier will retain its shape and provide your truck with the protection it needs for the entire life of the vehicle. That is guaranteed. The membrane created by our spray bedliner becomes virtually a part of the metal itself. This is the best spray in beldine to prevent rusting caused by chips and scratches to the paint.

With some truck bedliners, you will find that that rust can form between the coating and the truck itself. This can be particularly dangerous because you can’t see the rust forming and this can cause a remarkable amount of damage before you even realize you have a problem.

If you are interested in matching up some different colors, then we just happen to carry this blend in black, dark blue, desert tan, gray, and pewter.

RockHard Bedliners - Polyurea Blends

These polyurea blends were designed by our team of specialists who scoured the industry looking for the best and worst features of spray-in protective coatings. In most instances, we found that the truck bedliners were just glorified paint jobs marketed to those who did not know any better. The major problem there was that the sealant would allow small particulates through and over time, the truck bed would rust beneath the sealant. We found that even commercial agencies fell prey to shoddy protective coatings that merely masked damage being done without preventing it.

So it became our mission to produce what we considered to be the most effective truck and the best spray in bedliner in the industry. With modern advances and the capacity to blend the best features of both aromatic and aliphatic polyureas, we believe that we have done something special. Although our RockHard Bedliners APA blend runs slightly steeper than our regular polyureas, it is ideal for outdoor equipment and trucks where you might feel like the discoloration caused by direct sunlight is a problem. If you do not care about the discoloration, or do not expect to be getting much sun, our darker polyurea blends are a good option. The darker coloring prevents the tough aromatic coating from become overly unsightly due to UV degradation and is strong and ductile enough to produce protection for the entire life of the vehicle. In fact, your truck bed will likely be rust free long after you have bought a new one. So you will not have to worry about replacing the truck before its time because of damage caused to the body.

DIY Truck Bedliners Using our FastKick RockHard Bedliners Spray Gun

If you are interested in doing this kind of work, then we offer some great options for both commercial businesses and individuals that we think you will find to be very reasonable. The process of applying the spraying bedliner is not overly complicated, and it is made infinitely easier by our products.

In fact, everything you need can be purchased in our Fastkick Rockhard Bedliners Start Up Kit. The kit contains our patented FastKick Applicator Gun that is capable of spraying many of the different spray foams that we carry, including joint seal, ExpandoThane, and the various RockHard polyureas described above. In fact, it provides equal functionality and durability as you would find in other products costing over $20,000.

The cartridges snap into the applicator in a couple of seconds, and the coatings will cure in about 2 minutes. It is the ideal tool and accessory set for anyone who uses spray coating often and has a lot of jobs that require the application of rust proofing, insulation, or even roofing jobs that need to be sealed.

The startup kit includes:

●     One: "FastKick" Plural Component dispensing gun (valued at $625)

●     One: case of Black Polyurea (valued at $150)

●     One: 6 Inch Abrasive-Filament Cup Brush (valued at $20)

●     One 1/4 Inch Wide x 90 Foot Roll of WireTrim Trim Tape (valued at $28)

That is $823 dollars worth of merchandise for only $695 dollars.

How to Seal Your Truck Bed

In years past this was the kind of job that only a paid specialist would be able to do effectively. So if you are worried about the process being too complex, our FastKick dispensing gun makes it easy even for folks who do not typically work with spraying bedliner, or do not know the first thing about it. Not only is the process relatively simple, but our polyurea blend will cure in a matter of minutes meaning your truck bed will be ready within an hour of applying our sealant.

Firstly, you must properly prepare the surface of the truck bed before you apply the liner spray. So what you will do is apply our WireTrim Tape around the edges for a smooth razor edge finish, and the plastic off the rest of the rest of the truck using any standard plastic wrap. Next, you will want to sand the truck bed, removing the clear coat, and roughening up the surface. This will allow polyurea coating to bond to the truck bed better and prevent tiny microscopic separations that could result in trouble down the line. Once you have sanded the surface, you want to remove any particles that remain on the truck bed. These two can be problematic, causing fissures to form. So you will want to blow out the dust using compressed air, and then wipe down the surface of the truck bed with paint thinner and then let it dry.

Once those tasks are completed, your surface is prepared and you are ready to apply your polyurea using your FastKick RockHard Bedliners dispensing gun. You want to spray the interior of the truck bed using sweeping motions and you want to be sure that the entire truck bed is covered. Once it has dried you can remove the plastic wrap and tape and there you go. Your truck bed is finished!

The FastKick Gun is an Excellent Investment

Beyond just our RockHard bedliners, the FastKick Gun provides much more utility than that. One of the things that makes the Fastkick Gun such an excellent investment is that it can be used with a wide array of spray sealants and coatings. The cartridges are of a uniform shape so many different forms of spray on urethane can be put inside the cartridges and utilized with the FastKick Gun. That means that there are a large number of jobs you can do with our applicator beyond just applying protective coatings to truck beds.

The FastKick gun is highly portable and cleanup does not require any added materials if applied properly. Whereas larger machines use two separate pressurized lines for each component, the FastKick gun needs only one. Disposing of a cartridge is also much easier than having to deal with a large drum of your typical larger machine. The FastKick gun provides what we considered to be a vast array of excellent functionality at only a fraction of the cost of larger machines that offer the same service. For most polyurea jobs, the FastKick gun is all you will need and its durability, portability, and usability are by far the most bang you are going to get for your buck.

If you do a lot of roofing, it can be used with our ExpandoThane which is a urethane resin that is the perfect sealant for roofs. ExpandoThane is a polyurea that expands up to seven times its own volume that is ideal for spanning gaps and plugging holes. A substance like this will lengthen the life of your roof by a factor of several years meaning that money you put into the FastKick Gun and the ExpandoThane will pay for itself after a short while.

We also have SprayEZ foam insulation that comes in cartridges that can be used with the FastKick applicator gun. Our DIY closed cell foam an excellent blend of properties that include a high degree of structural integrity, thermal efficiency, impact resistance, and insulating capacity. The strength to weight ratio density makes our foam extremely versatile for a large number of products. It is also flame and fire retardant and rate class 1 in terms of fire safety, so if you are working on your own home, you will not have to worry about will happen in the case of a fire, and that should give you some relief. Our foam insulation meets all public health code requirements and has been used extensively in the architectural and construction industries and meets or exceeds code requirements for public buildings in all major cities in the USA.

Likewise, our roofing foam is very similar but has a higher degree of durability in more extreme temperatures. For instance, it can be sprayed in very cold temperatures without having to worry about the loss of yield in the spray foam itself, and it holds up very well under high temperatures too, retaining the highest degrees of adhesion and durability that an insulating foam can offer.

We also offer a wide array of polyurea products that are the best spray in bedline specialized for various forms of impact and abrasion.

For instance, if you carry a lot of expensive or heavy equipment in your truck then you may be interested in our Ballistic Composite Jacket polyurea coating. This polyurea is designed to receive and absorb extensive impact forces. In fact, it used to strengthen a vast array of military grade substrates. The superpolymer coating can prevent hard steel from shattering or cracking due to high velocity impacts. This may be a bit of overkill for your DIY needs but we mention it because it demonstrates the power and versatility of the FastKick Applicator Gun and we are extremely proud of the innovative design and all the different uses that it has.

Get the Most out of your Truck with the FastKick RockHard Bedliners Gun

A good truck is an investment that can last you 15 years or better if you treat it right, and that is precisely why people are paying exorbitant prices to get their pickups lined with protective coating. But you do not have to pay professionals to do the service, you can do it yourself by purchasing the right materials.

Either way, having a line coating on your pickup is a great way to increase its life because it prevents rust and corrosion that results from damage to the bedding. Without a spray on bedliner applied to the bottom of your truck you need to be extra cautious about transporting heavy equipment, furniture, machine tools, or anything that weighs an excess of a hundred pounds. Even the best paint is not strong enough to protect against scrapes that occur from basic common usage of a truck, and accruing damage not only shortens the life of the body, but lowers the resale value once you are thinking about a trade in.

Typical spray in bedliner costs can get up to around $500 on average just for installation. Our DIY all in one kit will only cost you $695 and will do the same quality work and beyond that you will only have to pay to replace the cartridges.

Not only that, but the start up kit features our FastKick Applicator gun that can do much, much more than simply apply spraying bedliners to trucks. It can fix your roof, do insulation jobs, and seal up your roof as well. We offer a wide variety specialized polyurea products that can fit a wide number of complex commercial tasks as well as home improvement products. These include:

●     Ballistic Composite Jacket to prevent extremely high impact damage that is often used for military grade installations and provides military grade protection.

●     BlastJacket polyurea that provides an energy absorbing compound to deliver elastomeric resiliency when exposed to high energy explosive forces.

●     ChemJacket which provides protection against extremely high temperatures and noxious chemicals you happen to be in a trade where you are carting around a lot of potentially harmful chemicals then this might be a good choice for you.

●     ClearJacket is a clear aromatic superpolymer polyurea that protects against a wide range of chemical pollutants.

●     CRP-Max is great for use on conducting metals and makes a fantastic insulator

●     EPS Hard Coat for top lining low density substrates

●     StormJacket which provides superior industrial performance for outdoor machines


With all these applications, it simply does not make economic sense to go out there and pay someone to spray line protective coating onto your truck bed when you can do it yourself and much more with our FastKick Gun and RockHard Bedliner startup kit.

We provide our industrial clients with some of the toughest polyurea spray on coatings and sealants anywhere in the world and our Oklahoma based business and products are 100% made in America. So when you want mobile spray foam rigs, parts, polyureas, for DIY or industrial grade work, then you have come to the right place! SprayEZ is here to help.

SprayEZ is among the largest suppliers and manufacturers of polyurea, spray on urethane foam, and applicators and dispensing equipment operating anywhere in the world today. Our DIY spray foam kits bring industrial grade equipment and power into your home that will help you complete a wide array of tasks that would otherwise have to be performed at great cost professionally. So if you want to the best spray in bedline to spray line your truck bed, repair your roof, seal outdoor equipment, insulate your home with professional grade insulation that would pass any public safety requirement, or even protect your equipment from high velocity ballistic impacts caused by inclement weather or random explosions, then we have all the products you ever need, and all of these various products can be dispensed via the same gun.

We are extremely proud of what we do here at SprayEZ and our team of experts and engineers have created a product that line that we ourselves hoped that we could have when we were doing a number of cumbersome jobs using expensive and unwieldy equipment that ran the risk of causing some of the same damage it was designed to prevent. Our extremely portable FastKick gun and cartridge system is the crown jewel in our product line that brings the majority of the features in industrial grade equipment into your own home. While typical equipment of the same variety can cost you over $20,000, we have created a far more portable version that is capable of performing 90% of the same functions for less than $700, and that includes all the accessories necessary to line your truck bed as well.

So if you have been searching around the internet looking into options and pricing out the details for having your truck bed professionally coated, then you should give serious consideration to looking into one of our RockHard Bedliner starter kits, because you will be able to that yourself, and so much more. Contact SprayEZ about your RockHard bedliners today.

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